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At this year’s European Transport Conference in Frankfurt civity will engage with two presentations

At this year's European Transport Conference in Frankfurt (29 Sep – 1 Oct 2014) Frank Zschoche and Konstantin Meermann will speak about investment options in high speed rail and the development of intercity bus infrastructure.

With regards to the future development of European high speed rail services Frank Zschoche will speak about relevant aspects when applying a system economic cost benefit analysis. The results are based on a study recently developed by civity, including an analytical model to evaluate different investment alternatives.

In his presentation Konstantin Meermann will be questioning if infrastructure for intercity bus services must be considered a cost driver for cities. Based on an approach from the airport industry and international examples possible developments will be shown.

The presentation is based on an article: Potentiale von Fernbusterminals von M. Walter und K. Meermann.