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ETCS implementation in Belgium

Mott MacDonald and civity appointed as independent reviewer of Belgian ETCS implementation. The consortium has been appointed by the Belgian Mobility and Transport Federal Public Services (FPS) to review plans to the European Train Control System (ETCS) on the country’s conventional and high speed rail network.

Infrabel, the Belgian railway infrastructure manager, has developed a Masterplan to implement the ETCS across Belgium’s entire railway network by 2022 and national train operating company, SNCB/NMBS, plans to migrate their fleet to ETCS standards. During phase one of the project, Mott MacDonald and civity will review the Masterplan and Migration plan. This will include investigating how well placed Infrabel and SNCB/NMBS are to deliver the roll out of the new system. Phase two will present the consultancy follow up audits and share findings with the Mobility and Transport FPS.

The work involves analysing the starting points for migration, reviewing investments for ETCS, identifying and recommending possible alternatives or optimisations and carrying out cost benefit analysis. Mott MacDonald and civity will also audit the programme management of Infrabel and SNCB/NMBS, the client’s monitoring system and the interface management. The consultancies will create a training programme to enable client staff to review and audit themselves and will recommend improvements for monitoring and programme management.