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Stand-up electric scooters have arrived – Initial findings from the German market

Since 15 June 2019, the number of colourful stand-up electric scooters has been increasing every day in major cities around Germany. Civity is collecting and analysing the movement data of scooters from providers via interfaces (APIs) and, based on this data, delivers an overview of this rapidly changing micro-mobility market.

For some weeks now, the mobility landscape in Germany has been enriched by one more means of transport: stand-up electric scooters are now to be seen on the streets. Just like with the bigger electric scooters (e-roller ) already in use, it is mostly sharing providers who are are launching the stand-up electric scooters on a grand scale. In the run-up to the vote by the German Bundesrat on 17 May, a large number of providers of stand-up electric scooters announced their intention to offer their services in Germany too. Public debate on this topic fluctuated between "saviours of urban mobility" and "electronic scrap on the sidewalk". Opinions are likely to harden further following the introduction of this new vehicle class. We want to make a sober and data-driven contribution to the debate on the pros and cons of these sharing systems, which has been marked by controversial discussion, while highlighting what these new vehicles have to offer and what not.

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