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Data team wins audience award at the 3rd ITS Hackathon in Hamburg

Last Friday and Saturday, our colleagues Johannes Kröger, Andreas Wolf and Achim Tack from the data team took part in this year's ITS Hackathon that was organised as a preparatory event for the ITS World Congress in 2021. The team created a unique new survey of public transport networks that focuses on identifying strategically important network sections.

Millions of people use, love and suffer every day on public transport networks. Apart from the weather, there is hardly any other topic that is as widely discussed across all social classes as the quality of bus and train services. But if we take the obvious, constant issue of punctuality out of the equation, what actually constitutes the quality of a public transport network? In the context of the 3rd ITS Hackathon, a team of analysts from public transport consultancy civity addressed the topic of ‘network quality’. The resulting website can be viewed here.

A series of analyses were carried out using Hamburg’s public transport network as an example. These analyses provide unfamiliar perspectives on very familiar network plans, they reveal gaps in the network and weak points, and also enable comparisons between cities.

The team was awarded 2nd place by the jury and received the Audience Award for their idea and its implementation. More exciting projects by the data team can be found here.