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Consulting means participating

We ensure that our clients make the right decisions.

One of Europe’s largest rail companies commissioned us to determine the potential and feasibility of further high-speed connections in Europe. A large automotive group entrusted us with the development of a business model for an innovative car sharing project. The fact that we implement contracts like these is primarily due to one skill: Over many years we have gained a profound understanding of our core markets through a very clear focus on the industry and its topics, and this enables us to provide our customers with very specific, tailor-made advice. We help our clients to find their way in the complex world of public interest, political interdependence and private sector goals. As enthusiastic consultants, seasoned knowledge mediators and balancing moderators.

For us, consulting means working out the best solution together with our customers and their employees – without prefabricated, standardised solutions. Our job is to serve as a critical and honest sparring partner. Our many national and international projects have provided us with comprehensive expertise and methodology. We accompany our partners from strategy development and implementation to the optimisation of detailed processes along the entire value chain.

Our employees are familiar with the topics of our industries so that they can hit the ground running. In addition to our industry and technical expertise, we ensure that our colleagues network and exchange ideas with each other. Through interdisciplinary teams, we ensure that knowledge is transferred between experts, that the creativity of all employees is used and that a different perspective can always be adopted.

Be it rail, road, waste or water – a lot is changing in our core industries. In addition to everyday business, there are great visions, but also many short-lived trends. We are quick to anticipate developments and we accompany them critically. This allows our customers to keep their bearings and make the right decisions.

In 2010, Friederike Lauruschkus founded civity Management Consultants with an established team.

We are looking for employees who want to make a difference. With commitment and a personal touch.