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Asset Management & Operations

Managing for tomorrow

Clarity and the right concepts boost infrastructure performance

At one point or another, we have all seen what can happen when infrastructure is disrupted, for example, when a train breaks down. After a power failure that brought down a major railway junction, we developed a concept to optimise power supply processes and management. The focus here was on improving internal communications and introducing clear decision-making processes.

Perfect maintenance and control of infrastructure systems is a challenge for operators – both in terms of organisation and finance. For years now, we have been supporting European infrastructure projects – from high-speed rail transport to urban transport systems. Based on figures, data and facts, we can help companies to make the right decisions, plan for the long term and with foresight, and make the best-possible use of their tight budgets with the help of professional asset management and state-of-the-art concepts.

Punctuality remains one of the most important strategic goals in public transport. To ensure smooth operations, we analyse the causes of deviations and develop measures to ensure that the infrastructure and the vehicles are available and can be reliably provided.

In the case of transnational projects, we repeatedly find that the European internal market poses difficult tasks for all stakeholders, be it politicians or companies. We are constantly on the lookout for recipes for success and can help our clients to implement future-enabled technologies, such as ETCS, which is a fundamental component of a uniform European rail traffic management system.

There is, however, also a lot happening off the track. E-mobility is set to change infrastructure because completely new facilities, such as charging stations, will be needed in large quantities. Innovative technologies are ensuring that infrastructure and operations also undergo digital transformation. We are closely monitoring these trends so that our clients will be well-equipped for what the future holds.