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Strategy & Organization

Finding the right path

We support companies during positioning and realignment

In order to survive in today’s world, it is important that companies are prepared to constantly question themselves and adapt – a fact that also holds true for the public sector.

Over the years, for example, the “Waste Management Office" in Munich has transformed itself into the "Munich Waste Management Company", i.e. from a public authority to a company with municipal structures and employees that now finds itself in competition with the private-sector.

Anyone who hopes to master these constant challenges needs a clever strategy. We help companies to position themselves correctly in the political and market environment and to develop the right strategy – one with a vision, a mission statement and clear goals. Together with our clients, we define fields of action. We ensure professional structural adjustment and organisational development. And we support employees while these changes are being implemented.

The stronger focus on the end customer leads to a better exchange and networking within companies. They no longer think and act in their specialist departments, but support each other as internal service providers. With years of experience in our core industries, we can help managers assume responsibility and ask the right questions time and again on their way to achieving their goals: What competencies do we need for the next step? Which skills do our employees have to have? What does digital transformation mean for our organisation? Which stages have we already reached?

But we should not ignore the complex ecological, social, economic and political framework conditions that our customers are required to adhere to. And irrespective of whether companies are changing their strategic direction, defining their values, planning acquisitions or mergers – it is essential that they ensure that their employees are involved. Through our expertise and extensive discussions with those involved at the companies, we can draw up effective custom solutions and develop a stringent strategy with our customers.