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Marketing & Distribution

Increase revenues trough targeted marketing

In an era of low spending and deregulated markets, public services marketing gains a whole new importance. The internet and mobile phones offer new potential for the overall marketing mix.

For us, marketing begins with the identification of target groups and markets. We develop new methods for data collection and analysis, and employ web-based approaches where possible. Based on solid market data, we develop new service and product concepts, and adopt fare systems and charging models to the new set-up. We support our clients in reorganizing sales, and in optimizing sales processes in detail.

Our clients benefit from our many years’ experience and market knowledge. The tourism industry and suppliers of inter-modal transport solutions also value our many years’ experience and market knowledge.

We specialise in:

  • Market potential analyses
  • Demand and revenue forecasting
  • Trend and innovation management
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sales optimization
  • Electronic Ticketing
  • Fare strategies and charging models
  • Product and service planning
  • Intermodal transport concepts
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Quality management systems
  • Marketing and sales controlling