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Mergers & Acquisitions

Finding the perfect match

We provide companies and investors with all the information needed for their cooperation, purchase and sales processes

Our industries are fast-moving: Innovations give rise to start-ups, new players enter the markets, the search is on for strategic cooperation while business models are being taken further. The interest of investors and new market participants has been aroused.

We support our clients in a wide range of transaction processes. While potential buyers, for instance, want to know exactly what they are getting into, sellers are keen to know how their products and services compare with others in the industry. We can provide companies and investors with the information they need.

When it comes to due diligence reports, we rely on our comprehensive professional insight into mobility and transport, water and waste management. We analyse the value chain models of companies, we identify their strengths and weaknesses, work out unique selling propositions and assess market positioning and future development.

We employ the care and depth needed for processes like these. Thanks to our experience, we can understand the business models of companies right down to the last detail. It is not just financial data and information that needs to be evaluated in cases like these, such as how much turnover is generated, how profit and return as well as cash flows develop. We also examine and analyse strategy, organisation, products and services, staff as well as the culture, innovation and spirit of these companies. We additionally provide an outlook and develop scenarios as to where markets and companies are heading and the solutions that show promise for the future.

Thanks to their industry expertise, our teams can quickly get down to the nitty gritty and they have the necessary instinct that is so important in processes like these. In question rounds and expert discussions, we have the answers to the questions from buyers, sellers and the companies themselves. Depending on the assignment and objective, we can cover strategic, commercial, financial, cultural, technological and operational issues.

We will also continue to be available for all stakeholders even after the transaction processes have been completed. As part of our M&A processes, we work extensively with companies, products and markets so that we identify both opportunities for long-term further development and the potential for optimisation that can be achieved faster. Our classic consulting expertise allows us to help all stakeholders to exploit opportunities and leverage the potential for sustainable success.