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“Shopping” for digitalisation

In recent years, there has been steep rise in the number of takeovers and investments involving companies in the mobility sector. In its “M&A market focus 2019”, civity analysed what is motivating market players and used this knowledge to develop recommendations for the future.

In a study conducted jointly with DC Advisory, civity examines the M&As of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the mobility industry. The questions answered in the study:

  • How have M&A activities developed in recent years?
  • Who has been buying and who was bought?
  • What motivated the M&As?
  • How will M&A activities develop on the mobility market of the future?
    The study also derived recommendations for strategists and investors for their future M&A activities.
    The study is available here. Please feel free to contact Mr Frank Zschoche and Mr Stefan Wiedmer for more information.