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Data Analytics

A new dimension

Targeted data analysis enables us to advise customers even better

Our project on the flat root situation in Germany showed how informative, exciting and important data analysis can be. Four members of our Data Analytics team were involved in a Deutsche Bahn hackathon to find out which railway lines are threatened by falling trees in hurricanes. With the help of a series of geodata evaluations, they approached the problem and visualised the findings in valuable graphics. Based on this analysis, vulnerable routes throughout Germany can be worked out, but also the weak points within individual cities can be made visible.

We have always built up our own data bases. However, we are also aware that much of the data from companies and institutions will remain unused if we are not in a better position to exploit this technically. That is why we set up our own Data Analytics team at an early stage. Now, a quarter of our employees work in this area. Our data specialists are involved in all of our projects from the very start. Using raw and customer data, the colleagues generate results and insights that can serve as a basis for developing future strategies.

There is not just much more data and more data sources than in the past, there are also entirely new ways to analyse data. This leads to new insights, different questions and new approaches in consulting. For example, the traffic behaviour of certain individuals can be analysed much more precisely and, of course, a more attractive service for citizens can then be developed.

The data analysts ensure that we can enter a new dimension in terms of quality. Using the latest methods, for example, these specialists are able to break down findings precisely to individual blocks of houses and thus examine assumptions very closely. And in the meantime, the data is also prepared in such a way it can be understood quickly and easily, for example, through web-based presentation.