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Innovative data use – opportunities for the supply and disposal industry

How do you keep track of your data while at the same time identifying the data that can add value to your business? This is a question that we are exploring in data innovation workshops.

Companies in the utilities and waste management industry collect huge amounts of data every day – be it from day-to-day operations or directly from the customer. This data is usually collected and processed in different systems. Different media and interfaces mean there is no uniform database that can be accessed by all departments of the company.

With the help of data innovation workshops with our customers, we are working to identify unused opportunities to use the existing data in a meaningful and value-enhancing way. The aim is to develop innovations, e.g. to make internal processes more efficient or to better satisfy customer needs. In addition, with these tried-and-tested workshop methods and agile approaches (e.g. design thinking), we are bringing structure into the current situation, for instance, by developing a data map. Based on experience from other companies, we can identify the potential for optimisation and derive the need for action. Besides methodological expertise, our comprehensive understanding of the industry and data analytics is also useful here.

Data innovation workshops deliver many ideas and opportunities within a very short time, providing the company with a direction for the future.