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Change Management

Embracing change

We think all of our projects through to implementation in order to ensure their success

The digital revolution is profoundly changing all areas of the economy and life. Yesterday’s successful business models are suddenly becoming obsolete while the lifecycles of products, services and technologies become significantly shorter. More than ever before, the competitiveness and success of companies and organisations depend on ongoing innovation while questioning and changing what already exists.

Change is a complex process that requires extensive methodological know-how and solutions specifically tailored to each organisation. Existing structures, processes and products can be changed successfully if the right balance is found between clear strategic development goals, methodological process support and the inclusion of the company staff’s own expertise.

As experts in methodology, we can use our vast experience to support and enable you to successfully shape your change process. To ensure this, we believe that it is essential for this process to be developed from within your system so that it has the widespread support of both management and staff.

The experts in your organisation are extremely important for us because they know your organisation better than anyone and because they are key for the implementation of the change process. That’s why we also employ change agents from your staff who inquire about the needs of their colleagues and at the same time act as multipliers and interfaces with management and with us. We systematically identify and address frequent fears and resistance from the outset in order to reduce them gradually through open and coordinated communication.

Most of the time, your employees already have the solution. We simply help to bring this to the surface.

We are experts in systemic consulting, organisational development and change – thanks to numerous customer projects in the transport sector as well as the utilities and waste management industry, thanks to our own experience as an organically growing company that is constantly opening up new areas of interest, but also thanks to the continuous professional development of our employees. Our work involves methods, such as systemic organisational development, team and individual coaching, design thinking and motivation potential analyses.

Irrespective of whether we are developing a new strategy, re-organising processes, re-establishing a company, helping to change a company’s culture or coaching individuals: We think all sub-projects right through to implementation, taking into account what they could mean for each and every employee. After all, even the best concepts are useless if they cannot be implemented.

Change is important and it is something that we have embraced.