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Public Transport & Transactions – Acquiring digitalisation

The “M&A market focus 2019” analyses the developments in the M&A market of the public transport sector.

The market for public transportation is undergoing a sustainable transformation, influenced by megatrends such as urbanisation and digitalisation. Over the last years, the market potential and changing requirements have led to an increasing M&A activity across the sector from OEM, manufacturer to operator.

This report focuses on M&A activities in the DACH region: Between 2016 and 2018 we have identified 123 sector related transactions with either the target or the buyer being from German speaking Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland). 40% of these transactions occurred in 2018 which illustrates the increase of transactions in this market. We expect that the annual growth trend of 21% will continue and intensify in the future not only in the DACH-region but across Europe and other parts of the world.

In 60% of the transactions the rationale of the buyers was to acquire technology and digitalisation or expand their portfolio, often gaining both within a single transaction. The large majority of companies which were acquired for these reasons have a digital business model.

  • Which business sectors are of interest to buyers and the rationale for acquiring companies
  • How the acquisition activities fit in with the trends in the industry
  • How the M&A market will develop in the future

Finally, this report derives recommendations for M&A activities both for strategists and investors.

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