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Achim Tack

Senior Analyst and Head of the Data Analytics team

After studying urban planning, I specialized in the field of urban analytics, working on demographic change, fiscal impact assessments and public geodata in research projects for the federal and federal-state governments. Moving to the consulting industry was a big step, but one that I have not regretted so far. My job here is to set up and expand the Data Analytics team and we have very exciting tasks: water, public transport, waste disposal – our projects concern the basic needs of every human being.

In the beginning, we were perhaps seen almost like a foreign body – more like nerdy, hoody-wearing computer and data specialists. But a cultural change has taken place now – both at many of our customers and at our own company – and analysts have assumed a completely new role. We are often involved in projects as early as the bidding phase where we can answer important questions. We work on projects on an equal footing with our consultants and clients, who often have members of their own analytics teams with them.

We complement the work carried out by the consultants by looking at matters from a data-driven perspective. We can provide our consultants with data for their projects, automate data collection and analysis and we have the necessary sources, programming skills and geoanalytical knowledge. This enables us to generate management level insights for companies that drive them forward. Many companies are sitting on data volumes from process and customer databases and they have no idea whatsoever what to do with this data. That’s where we can help.

We are not on the road as much as our consultants and can do a lot from within the company. But fortunately, our consultants are usually only out of the office one or two days a week. This leaves enough time for regular exchange which is extremely important. After all, many of the ideas that we then process are the result of direct contact – for example, when we meet at the coffee machine.