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Caroline von Stülpnagel

Project Manager

Starting out in my career, I first chose to work for a scientific consulting firm after studying economics in Germany and Mexico. However, in June 2017 I joined civity as a consultant and I now enjoy having more personal contact with the people I work for. Since we often work with customers on a long-term basis, we experience first hand the outcome of many of the projects that we initiated with our work and the positive changes that result from it. That’s very satisfying.

We do not work together in fixed teams, but are mixed together for each new task. As a result, partners, consultants, project managers and data analysts are constantly providing each other with input. That’s great because everyone brings their own style and experience and we can all learn from one another. I find it exciting to observe other leadership styles and methods and to then try them out for myself. While older colleagues like to pass on their knowledge to younger colleagues, they are also inspired by new employees and we exchange ideas across projects. Everybody is willing to listen when you have questions. What’s more, there is a lot of room for involvement and development. Training sessions open to everyone are held on a monthly basis while individual training that fits into my development plan is also provided.

After six months with civity, I was appointed Senior Consultant – a huge recognition for me. I think the mixture of supporting and demanding is very good here. But you are not left alone, you can always look to your colleagues and superiors for advice and support. The fact that this works so well is due to the company’s very flat hierarchy. Everyone is interested and openminded. Commitment to excellent performance is what drives us. In today’s world, no one person knows everything. I think that’s a good thing and it motivates me immensely.

The culture at civity is also something very special to me. Everyone has a mentor and as a Senior Consultant I too am a mentor. This is not only about professional development, but also about keeping an eye on the work-life balance. We also have many different working time models. Even if a colleague works part-time, the team spirit still works, even across sites.

What’s most important to me: We have a lot of fun together. Our last retreat was like a class trip, where in the end it wasn’t really clear who was in charge.