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Philipp Guttschuß

Project Manager

I studied business administration and economics and have been working as a consultant at civity Management Consultants since September 2016. In terms of content, the work here is really fulfilling. As a rule, I work on two to three projects at the same time where I can also quickly assume responsibility. I can contribute my work and my own ideas. My superiors are always willing to listen. For example, I lead a team that is actively shaping our corporate culture. At civity, there is always the opportunity to develop yourself further. I, for example, have completed a course in Design Thinking and was able to apply my new skills and co-moderate a company meeting.

Of course there are times when we work long and hard. And as management consultants, we are also on site at our customers’ premises. But, as a rule, that’s no more than two to three days a week. In addition, the management is anxious to ensure a balance because they are familiar with the demands of our job. We have different working time models that allow us to find a personal balance between work and private life. The partners too alternate in taking longer periods of time off in order to recharge their batteries.

civity attaches great importance to interpersonal relationships. I like the open and appreciative exchange across all hierarchical levels. Once a year, we all go on a retreat for three days to exchange ideas. There’s only one appointment that has anything to do with work. The rest of the time, it is about getting to know the person behind the colleague better. I think this is important and it also transcends into cooperation and fun in the projects.