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Shaping the future

In 2010, Friederike Lauruschkus founded civity Management Consultants with an established team.

We are looking for employees who want to make a difference. With commitment and a personal touch.

We are looking for employees who want to make a difference. With commitment and a personal touch

This example shows just how seriously we take our employees. When the conversion plans for our new office in Hamburg were presented, it soon became clear that many colleagues had imagined something different. Although a lot of work had already gone into the project, we went back to the drawing board until all of our employees were happy. Anything else would not have suited us.

We want employees who show initiative and assume responsibility. Not just for themselves, but for their projects. With commitment and a personal touch. Employees who want to make a difference but who do not run after every new trend. Highly communicative, reflective employees who are able to look beyond their own horizons. Employees who are tough but do not work until they drop.

A university degree, business administration skills, quantitative numerical skills, professional experience and an affinity to our topics are important, but not everything. Because the important question at our company is: Would colleagues still like to get together even after an intense day working with our clients?

We want to make a difference, but not at any price. And that’s why we sometimes say no. Even if the candidate appears to be perfect fit on paper.

We offer exciting work with varied tasks; after all, our projects influence people’s lives every day. With our commitment and passion we can make a difference in the public space. We are an individual team with plenty of room for design possibilities. We are a consulting boutique, operating much like a think tank where employees can help shape and develop topics, conduct their own studies, give lectures, pitch their ideas at a hackathon or publish them in industry magazines. In our projects, employees have the opportunity right from the start to work in Europe’s major cities and to deal with current topics that are also being addressed by futurologists. And of course, it is also possible to make a career with us while continuing to train and develop in a wide variety of fields.

If you want to become part of this creative team, we have more information for you here.

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What do you offer? A passion for tackling problems in the public sector, an open nature, and an excellent academic background.

We look forward to your application.