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Dynamic parking pricing – lessons learned from the United States

This presentation describes the newest innovations in parking management through the example of the SF Park project in San Francisco. SF Park is the first demonstration of a parking-based approach to congestion management. Although many European cities are advanced on the regulatory innovations with regard to parking policy, the dynamic nature of SF Park can be a replicable project to achieve broader transportation goals for German and European cities.

Increasingly known as an alternative to congestion pricing, dynamic parking pricing is an idea that has garnered the interest of city administrators and transportation planners alike. Successful projects such as SF Park have shown that changing prices based on demand, including for different times of day, different zones, and for special events can reduce congestion, improve the speed and reliability of public transportation, and increase the economic competiveness of its downtown zones. By sharing lessons learned at the Future Mobility Camp, civity is opening a discussion about parking and congestion pricing for German and European cities.

Wendy Tao is a 2013-2014 Bosch Fellow (Link to Bosch Foundation) completing her first work stage at civity Management Consultants. She is a transportation planner from the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently on leave from Cambridge Systematics (Link to Cambridge Systematics).

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