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civity accompanies introduction of State-wide public transport Baden-Württemberg Tariff

From December 2018, traveling with public transport across Baden-Wurttemberg will become more convenient still: the BW Tariff will allow users to travel all across the Federal State with just one ticket.

The future BW Tariff is introduced by initiative of the Federal State government. It will comprise all regional rail transport companies in Baden-Wurttemberg as well as the State’s 22 transport associations. The tariff will thus make it more attractive still changing from cars to climate- and environment-friendly means of transport.

During the first phase from 9 December 2018, BW Tariff train tickets shall automatically include a public transport ticket at the destination. This way, passengers can also use buses and suburban trains at their respective destinations without having to buy a new ticket. In the final stage from 2021 on, passengers will then be able to buy comprehensive, Federal State-wide tickets (including season tickets) across the limits of the 22 transport associations. The BW Tariff ticket will then also include the use of local trams, buses and suburban trains at the start and the destination of any regional train ride, in the spirit of “one journey, one ticket” – from any public transport stop to any other within the Federal State.

BW Tariff GmbH is founded by the regional railway transport authorities – the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg and the Association Region Stuttgart (VRS) – as well as by the regional rail transport companies operating within the Federal State. The 22 transport associations are integrated through a cooperation treaty.

Mr Thomas Balser has been selected as Managing Director of the new company. He is a renowned expert who has already worked on similar projects both nationally and internationally.

civity is accompanying both the founding process of BW Tariff GmbH and the complex strategic and practical preparations for the introduction of the BW Tariff intensively and on all decision-making levels.

Link to press release on the foundation of BW Tariff GmbH (in German).

Link to the website of BW-Tarif GmbH.