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    Dr Arne Beck

    Dr. rer. pol., Partner

    Arne Beck is a qualified banker and began his career at the Hamburgische Landesbank, where he acted as a credit analyst in the international finance department. From 1999 he studied economics at Christian Albrechts University in Kiel and collects international experience for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Santiago de Chile. His diploma thesis on “Market entry barriers and incentives in awarding regional rail transport contracts” won two research prizes. Following this, he joined strategy and management consultancy KCW as a consultant, and then BSL Management Consultants. In summer 2010, he moved to civity. In 2011, Arne Beck completed his doctoral thesis at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), from which one working paper has been awarded at an international scientific conference.


    • Implementation and design strategies for changing regulations (EU regulation 1370, national passenger transportation acts)
    • Organising local, regional and national public transport markets
    • Public funding for public transport services
    • Award strategies and transport contracts
    • Interior organisation and benchmarking of public authorities and associations
    • Incentive and risk assessments
    • Market structure analyses

    Important publications