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    Tarik Shah

    M.A. History & Political Sciences, M.St. Greek & Roman History, Senior Project Manager

    Tarik Shah holds a master’s degree (“Magister”) in History and Political Sciences from Humboldt University Berlin and a master’s degree in Greek and Roman History from the University of Oxford. During his studies, Tarik worked as a student employee at a federal MP’s office and afterwards at the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. From 2006 to 2016, he held various positions at Miller & Meier Consulting, a specialist lobbying and strategy consultancy in Berlin. In his role of partner and client account manager, he was for several years responsible for the business field of infrastructure & mobility and was part of the company’s management team. In 2017, Tarik Shah joined civity Management Consultants as Project Manager, in 2022 he became Senior Project Manager.


    • Consulting for public transport authorities, associations and companies
    • Strategy development and management consulting
    • (Political) communication and lobbying
    • Management of complex consulting projects
    • Stakeholder and board processes
    • Organisation development and change processes
    • Media and public relations