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At this year’s Future of Transportation World Conference 2018 in Cologne civity will show newest insights on smart infrastructure

At this year's Future of Transportation World Conference in Cologne (19. - 20. June 2018) Friedemann Brockmeyer will speak about the bumpy road to smart infrastructure.

The trend of new mobility services is often seen to be disruptive, changing our behaviour and the way we move from A to B.

But to what extent will for example autonomous driving require a dedicated and improved infrastructure to fully unlock its potential? Significant investments are needed in order to make infrastructure smart. On the other hand, a significantly more intelligent use of resources also leads to lower land consumption.
How does this demand fit with the existing situation of infrastructure, its management and funding?

Based on our experience with public and private sector projects Friedemann Brockmeyer will speak what cities’ needs are, how big the infrastructure and funding challenge is, and if city authorities are ready to face it.