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At this year’s UIC High Speed Conference in Ankara civity will show newest insights on commercial attractiveness of Hyperloop

Economic Evaluation of Hyperloop as an Alternative to High Speed Rail and Maglev At this year's 10th UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail in Ankara (08 – 11 May 2018) Friedemann Brockmeyer will speak about Hyperloop as an Alternative to High Speed Rail and Maglev

With regards to the future development of Hyperloop Friedemann will speak about relevant aspects when applying a system economic cost benefit analysis. However, existing attempts to bring Hyperloop into commercial operation are still in infancy stage. Thus, real-world experience with Hyperloop and an understanding of its actual costs is limited.

The results are based on a study recently developed by civity, including an analytical model to evaluate different investment alternatives. The potentially high investment cost would require substantial revenues to cover the cost, which can only be generated if both sufficiently high demands exists and willingness to pay is high.

On the basis of civity’s full system economic cost-benefit model for high speed rail, Friedemann Brockmeyer will explain under which circumstances a Hyperloop could be preferable. The approach considers full system costs and benefits including capital and operational costs, commercial revenues, user benefits and other effects.