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Fear of change – How does the digitalisation of public transport fit in with corporate culture?

Under the motto ‘Different. New. Future-oriented’, the reboot conference on 22 January will address a large number of topics that are very relevant for the future. Friederike Lauruschkus, partner at civity, will present the study ‘matters no. 3: A question of corporate culture’. In a survey of 50 managers from 18 municipal transport companies, civity has taken an in-depth look at the topic of digital transformation and has identified corporate culture as the main obstacle.

Although transport companies recognise the need for digital transformation, progress has been slower than companies would like. The prerequisites do appear to be in place: The assessment shows that the opportunities of digitalisation clearly outweigh the risks, and there is sufficient pressure for action from outside. Customers are seen as the main external drivers for the digitalisation of municipal transport companies. That being said, however, transport companies are not where they want to be in terms of development. Those surveyed consider the degree of digitalisation at their own company to be below average.

Significant nation-wide development is planned for the next few years. According to those surveyed, this is being countered by a corporate culture and a lack of competence and strategies which are seen to be the major obstacles on the road to the digitalisation of transport companies. Ongoing learning and the ability to adapt to change are seen to be the most important competencies. Executives see a considerable need for progress in the development of corporate culture: There is a huge discrepancy between the desired and actual corporate culture.

To ensure that digital transformation progresses in the years to come despite the obstacles identified, civity has developed six recommendations for action
for strategy, competencies, culture, leadership and communication as well as new ways of working.

You can order the full study here free of charge.