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civity supports water association with change of basic fee scale

From 2020, the Luckau Drinking and Waste Water Association (TAZV, Trink und Abwasserzweckverband) will change the basic fee from meter to housing unit scale. civity has been supporting the conversion process since last year and has now presented the new regulations.

The introduction of the new basic fee regulations is based on a decision by the association assembly in 2018. By changing the scale, it will be possible for all customers to make a more balanced contribution to the costs of infrastructure provision. At over 70 percent, these costs, as is customary for drinking water and wastewater utilities, account for the largest share of costs and are independent of the respective volumes consumed. The introduction of the new fee scale is revenue-neutral for the association. On the other hand, the fact that more basic fees are collected as a result of the change will reduce volume fees.

Since last year, civity has successfully accompanied the decision-making process and preparations for the change. In addition to the development of different fee models, civity provides methodological support in the discussion of the respective pros and cons of the models as well as their feasibility. Furthermore, civity accompanies the association in the preparation of the necessary data acquisition process and the communication strategy vis-à-vis customers.

Article from Lausitzer Rundschau: